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GNA 4264
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Minimum quantity for "Turquoise" is 8.


This is a brilliant, fire polished glass which is made by the draw of Fourcault Method. This glass has the desirable properties of even thickness, excellent color control, and high brilliance at a relatively low cost.


Glass Sheet Specifications

Case Contents:
  • Approximate sizes only (each case varies). Original cases contain 36 F/S (581 sq. ft.).
Glass Sheet Sizes:
  • Stock Sheet size: 30" x 40" (8.33 sq. ft.) - Factory sheet size: 40" x60" (16.67 sq. ft..) available - Call for pricing.
Special Considerations:
  • _
  • 1/8" (3 mm)

Special Intrsuctions

Special Instrucations:
  • Priced per square foot